Details of our local Model Engineering Society 

The Society was started in 1967. We have tracks for 5 and 3.5 inch locos. Our length of run is 223.30 meters or 244.29 yards in the old money. On the 23rd August, Club members did a sponsored 100 mile challenge to raise money for the Bristol Heart Hospital. These involved steam and diesel locomotives completing 720 laps of the railway which they accomplished.  There is steaming bay, signal box (with working signals) and a proper station building from Evercreech New on the Somerset and Dorset. A very nice friendly little club with some very skilled and helpful model engineers. Below are a few pictures of our activities

The above picture shows the first trial steaming of my Polly 6 engine.L to R,Bob Liddle, Ray Perry and Mike Pearson. I had a go at driving it but kept running out of steam!.

The Warship diesel was built by Ian Grinter who has also built a Royal Scot and 9F in 5 inch guage. Superb

Here are the "Live Steamers" in the steaming bay. They have a holiday going from track to track

This superb Britannia belongs to one of the live steamers.

A couple of locos during the lunch break.


Here is a picture of yours truly giving the Polly 6 a test run. One or two minor problems but nothing that cannot be easily put right.



Here is Barry with his newly completed "Sweet Pea".  A first effort at loco construction and a lovely model.

Barry enjoys his first run!.

Our club Chairman, Ashley, is very keen. So keen in fact he will even run in the rain but he does not like to get his Class 66 diesel wet!

A warm welcome awaits anyone in the North Somerest area who has a locomotive and would like to join us. Steam or diesel, all welcome. We run on Sunday afternoons from Easter till October and we have regular working parties on a Wednesday for track and estate maintenance. The club has regular meetings during the winter months so why not join us.


West Huntspill Model Engineering Society

"The Friendly Club"