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My name is Graham Powell and I have enjoyed an interest in railways since I was small boy ....many years ago now. I have always been interested in railway modelling  and in the early 70's took up modelling  in Gauge 0. At the time very little was available for the scale and consequently I had to learn how to make things myself. Most of the models you will see on this website have been scratchbuilt in my small but well equipped workshop.  I hope you enjoy looking round the site which I add to as new models are being built.


 30th October 2015

Here is the latest model from the works. It is an LMS Compound built from a David Andrews kit. Slaters wheels and powered by ABC motor and gearbox. Built for a retired footplateman and painted and lined by myself. 









5th    April 2015. A pair of ducks have taken a liking to our garden and its little pond. One of my friends said that is was nice to see Mallard on the main line!




 February 20th 2015

Latest locomotive from the works is this model of Patriot class 45538 "Giggleswick" which I have built and painted for a retired footplateman. The model was built from a Gladiator models kit with Slaters wheels and an ABC motor and gearbox.  



   The Southern Railway Q Class is the latest locomotive out of the works. Its the 2nd of these locomotives I have built. The first one was built from a very  well known but truly awful kit which I really struggled with. This one, was a different ball game altogether. It was made from a Haywood Railway kit which has been one of the best I 've ever had to put together. All slot and tab construction and everything fitted. The smokebox, boiler and firebox could have been put together without any solder such was the excellent fit of the parts. The model was only let down by the indifferent quality castings and the lack of cab fittings otherwise it was brilliant. I have put some weight in the boiler and sprung the centre driving axle. I also altered the coupling rods to make them jointed. A Mashima 1833 mounted vertically in the firebox does the driving. Altogether an excellent , well designed kit which was a real pleasure to build.



Sunday 21st September 2014

This is 35025 Brocklebank Line sister locomotive to 35024. Built painted and lined by myself with transfers put on by my  good friend Trevor Coleman. She really looks the business going around the garden with a rake of matching SR green coaches. 




 September 2nd 2014 


 I have painted and lined this one for a friend who was a Nine Elms fireman in the 1950's. I don't know who built it, but it was extremely well made from an MSC kit. A Mashima motor does the driving. I sent the loco back to my friend on the  1st September and on the 2nd I received the latest edition of the Railway Magazine. In there was a picture of this very engine which had run off the turntable at Nine Elms into an old ladies garden! 


June 2nd 2014



 Many years ago now, my cousin had a Graham Farish Merchant Navy Pacific and rake of Pullman cars. I always wanted to re create this train  and so after some 60 years here it is.

At the moment I have one or two mechanical problems to sort out but otherwise the locomotive runs okay and looks nice with my Pullmans.

Grateful thanks to Trevor Coleman for the loan of the very comprehensive book on MN pacifics and also for giving me the Golden Arrow regalia which really sets it off. 


 Hawksworth pannier 8456. This scratchbuilt model was not built by me but I did the painting etc. Very well constructed and very heavy. Apparently 8456 was shedded at Taunton for a short while but was not liked due to poor visibility when shunting.


  Saturday 21st March 2014




 The Adams Radial has now been painted for my friend. I am very pleased with the outcome and it runs beautifully and is very elegant in action. All I have to do now is order the shed and numberplates from Guilplates. I am so pleased with this one, I think I might even make one for myself!.

  February 28th 2014



 A second Merchant Navy pacific from a Scorpio Models flat pack kit. This one is for a friend of mine and the name etc still has to be decided. Driving wheels are of the old Slaters force fit variety which I have modified to have telescopic axles locked with a pin. The other wheels are also Slaters. Power comes from a Crailcrest motor with a double reduction gearbox and the loco runs very smoothly with a fair turn of speed. Various items have been left off till after painting. These kits are good value and make into good models. I have modified the tender somewhat so that the cab section lines up with the engine. As the kit comes at present, it doesn't.


January 20th 2014 




 A friend of mine asked me to build a new body for a Patriot he had which had been damaged by the lead weight. The body was made from a David Andrews kit. Pictures of the original body are below




 As can be seen in the pictures. The lead has expanded ( I think the white powder is lead sulphate) pushed in the front of the firebox which has consequently bent the boiler. The firebox has now come away from the footplate and even the reversing lever has come away . A great shame this as it had an excellent professional paint job done it. The model is a JM  Models one by the way. The chassis is excellent. It runs very smoothly and fitted perfectly with only minor alterations into  the new body.  


 Scratchbuilt Adams Radial tank built for a very good friend of mine. Unfortunately he is infected with what could be only be described as "Southernitis". Over the 50+ years we have been friends arguments have raged many times over the merits of Swindon or Eastleigh built locomotives!.

The model has a chassis of 18th nickel silver. The majority of the body is of the same material though the footplate is tinplate which was much easier to bend over the curves. Purchased items were buffers and wheels from Slaters, dome, chimney and lubricator from Laurie Griffin.Power comes from a Portescap. The model runs very smoothly and is elegant to look at in operation. I built it with the trailing wheels done as truck as I don't get on very well with radial axleboxes.  As you can , some items are still outstanding. I am hoping to source the missing bits at the Bristol O Gauge show on the 24th January.


 18th December 2013

My website has had 12787 hits since I first built it so I would so I like to take this opportunity to wish every body a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2014. 




 I have just made this model signal for one of my grandsons who is Thomas fan. He has his playhouse as a signal box and  he can operate the arms by moving the small levers. Great fun!.








 This Merchant Navy pacific is now nearing completion. It has been built from Scorpio Transport Age kit. The model has only temporarily been put together . Nothing is fixed on it so please don't tell whats not right. It was just put together loosely for the purpose of the photograph although since this picture was taken, the loco has now been completed. Powered by a Powermaster motor it runs very well and will be in the dark blue livery. Name to be decided but the kit covers locos 35011 to 30 so plenty of choice. 



19th November.  I am having problems with my website which I cannot seem to resolve. The Black 5 ( pictured below) has been restored from very poor condition and the Adams Radial tank is a loco under construction.

The County just completed is from a JM Models kit.


17th November 2013




   GWR County made from a JM Models kit. I bought a couple of kits off John just before he passed away and this is one of them. Very straightforward thing to put together though it has taken me a very long time as I put it to one side for a while  to get on with other things . Power comes from a Mashima motor driving through a Slaters gearbox with helical gears. It will be on passenger duties mainly but if it will pull my van train, it will work that on occasions. I actually saw 1019 at Clarbeston Road in Pembrokeshire in the early 1960's. I'm must admit to being very pleased with it.... and before anybody points it out, I do need to get some screwlink couplings.

The model was painted in Precision Paints etched primer and lined by myself using Humbrol gloss and a bow pen.Wheels are Slaters and name/numberplates from Guilplates. The whole thing was varnished with Ronseal Satin varnish. Transfers from HMRS BR sheet.


20th September 2013


Stanier Pacific 46245 "City of London". Builder unknown. It has a chassis of printed circuit board and cast iron wheels. Painted and lined by myself for a friend.

You may remember my GWR Mogul which was further down this page. I had to do some alterations to this one as I was not happy with the motor. It also did not have a tender which I have now built. With its new Mashima motor it will pull my six coach excursion train which will be its normal function. I am hoping to get an order off to Guilplates soon for  name and numberplates of various engines,this one included.

This my Bachmann 2MT 46432 . I purchased this model second hand . I had to fit a ladder as the original one was missing. The model was already painted so all I did was do the lining and add the numbers etc. It is a superb model which runs extremely well.


April 2nd 2013.

The Fowler 3P has now been painted. I used Precision Paints etching primer followed by Hycote  Satin Black. All spraying done with a Paasche H airbrush and a small diaphragm compressor. Lining was done using a bow pen and Humbrol Gloss paints and despite it looking white in the pictures, I did use grey (Humbrol 40 ).The cream line is there as well but does not show up.  Transfers HMRS and number plates etc by the ever reliable Guilplates. The loco was then varnished with 50/50 Ronseal and white spirit.  The loco has a 14B( Kentish Town?) shedplate but is such an indifferent performer that the authorities have decided to send it to the wilds of East Anglia where it can get into less trouble....!

Thursday 28th February 2013


The Works has been very  busy over the winter period. Most of the time has been taken up with building this model of Fowler 3P 2-6-2 nr 40022.

The model has steel frames with the axles running in brass tubes  the intervening space filled with lead making a nice heavy chassis with a low centre of gravity. Coupling rods were milled from mild steel and the valve gear cut out of nickel silver. The wheels are Slaters with the cylinders  made from nickel silver with brass turnings for the various glands . The body is nickel silver with a turned brass chimney, white metal dome and home made safety valves. This particular engine was fitted with condensing pipes and a Weir pump. The pump being a Hobby Horse Developments casting. Photos showing the layout of the firemans side were particularly hard to find and here I must thank David Green for his great help  in finding me a suitable picture.He  managed to find a  colour picture of a similar loco on the Colour Rail website  and I ordered a large print from them. Locomotives Illustrated nr 58 was also very helpful. The gentleman who is having this loco was a fireman on the LMS and he tells me that these engines were in his words " weak and feeble!". Hopefully with a  Mashima motor and very good quality gear mountings, it will pull more than its prototype. All I need now is some warm weather in order to get on with the painting and lining. Overall I am very pleased with the engine which is a very smooth runner.The only purchased items for the model were the buffers , smokebox door (JPL) and the  wheels ,everything else being either home  made or found in my parts drawer.  Not sure what is next in the works but possibly some more wagons for the goods train.


October 23rd 2012


LMS Fowler 2-6-4 tank 42341. This model had been purchased by a friend and was in a very poor condition with a worn out chassis and poorly assembled body. The paint was cleaned off and the model completely dismantled and returned to its bare components. After being fully rebuilt it was sprayed in etched primer, painted and lined by myself and given a coat of satin Ronseal varnish.

The chassis was stripped down and fitted with the valve gear which had been  refurbished, new pick ups, new coupling rods  and new bearings.  Now back with its owner, I think it looks very smart and I am pleased with it. I should perhaps add that the model had been built from a JM Models kit which is now unobtainable.

August 28th 2012


During the last few weeks I have managed to get on with painting and at long last have  now completed the King. I used Peugeot Royal Blue for the main colour and Hycote satin black for the rest of it. I don't normally give models a coat of gloss varnish but decided to do so this time just for change. Name/numberplates are by Guilplates and here I must thank Warren Haywood for his help and advice. I used Precision Paints two part etched primer on this one and most impressed with the results. Once she is coaled and crewed a thrash round the garden is call for.

Another model which came back today was 9F 92006 which I built from a DJH kit. The superb and very subtle weathering is by that master of the weathering craft, The Welsh Wizard, Fred Lewis. This loco has not seen a lot of use since it was built but again like the King it needs some coal and a crew. Once that is done I am going to using it on my fitted van train. I used the Delrin drive that came in the kit and I am pleased with the way it runs. I am now well endowed with heavy freight locomotives though an Austerity 2-8-0 would be nice.......!



August 5th 2012


The W Class has at last been painted. Still one or two little jobs to do. Glazing , crew etc and possibly some weathering.  It runs very well and I'm pleased with it.

A very handsome and not often modelled locomotive.


Quite correct. The Mogul was built from an Jim Harris Acorn kit I purchased many years ago at an Exhibition in Bristol. It consisted of etchings for loco and a pile of whitemetal castings.No tender.  I made a new heavy chassis for it and now all it needs is for me to get my finger out and build a new tender. The buffers have been left off deliberately until after varnishing has been completed. To me it looks like the Moguls I used to see  on the Gloucester , Ross , Hereford line. Power comes from a JH I'm not very happy with. Nothing wrong with JH motors but this one has come out of another model and is decidedly feeble.  I will need to replace it at some stage.

The King has also been done in primer . I am waiting for the blue paint which a friend is bringing me. The chassis has been painted and the Leakey motor overhauled and re magnetised and now it has typical King performance.

21st March 2012

A little trip into Southern territory. For some reason, I have always wanted one of these handsome engines. I did see some once in Bristol of all places on their way to being scrapped.

This scratchbuilt  model has home turned cast iron driving wheels. The bogie and pony truck wheels are by Slaters. The chassis has been filled with lead and the axles run in brass tubes. The motor is a Powermaster. The body is nickel silver with all the boiler mountings turned up from brass bar. The smokebox door was a resin casting I found in my junk box.The valve gear has all been cut out of nickel silver sheet. Not an easy engine to model with its three level footplate and taper boiler. Clearances are very tight between the valve gear and the middle set of steps but I am quite pleased with the overall outcome. Once painted in BR Black it will be finished as 31914 and it will be on freight duties  out in the garden.



* 3rd February 2012. At the bottom of this page is a picture of Nr 95 on its return from Fred Lewis after being weathered.*

March 5th 2012.

A little trip north of the border .Scratchbuilt Caledonian 782 class 0-6-0 tank locomotive. This has a compensated chassis of 18thou nickel silver using Slaters wheels with the body being made of the same material.The boiler mountings were home turned out of brass bar.  A Mashima 1833 motor plus 40:1 gears and a flywheel do the driving. Phosphur bronze wipers on the edges of the flanges for pick up. Not very fast but it does run very slowly and which willbe  good for its main job of shunting.At present its winging its way across the Atlantic to work on a layout in Pennsylvania.


Update. 18/3/2012

The little engine arrived in the USA after an uneventful flight. It was upgraded to business class apparently. It has now been painted and weathered by its owner Mr Brian Scace and is in operation on his rather nice railway.




Hunslet 0-4-2 tank engine built for the Timoleague and Courtmacsherry Branch light railway  in Ireland. Model made from a Tyrconnel Models kit obtainable from Alphagraphix .This kit can be built as a standard gauge locomotive or to suit the Irish broader gauge but I'm not sure how, as clearances are very tight on it. The connecting rod is also the wrong length . I made a new one from scratch. Apart from that, its a nice little engine that would look well on a Colonel Stephens or other variety of light railway.


 The single wheeler is another Irish loco from the same source based on some 2-2-2 well tanks built by Fairbairn of Manchester for the Midland and Great Western Railway. A nice little engine that needs to be driven carefully otherwise it goes off like a rocket. Despite its small size it will pull three four wheel brass coaches.




 48305 built and painted by myself from a David Andrews kit. Split axle current collection all round. Powered by a Cannon motor with an ABC gearbox. The superb weathering is by that master of the weathering art, Fred Lewis. ( Link to Fred's Welsh Wizard site on my links page)



 GWR King  6008 King James 2. This is another engine built specifically for running on my garden track. Consequently, its probably a bit over engineered!. Most of the cast iron wheels and the Leakey motor were obtained second hand. The middle drivers are sprung and the piston valves operate from  eccentrics on the leading axle. It all breaks down into manageable units for painting purposes.Engine and tender bodies were constructed from a Firmco kit which I purchased for £25 including the chassis.When the warmer weather arrives (!) it will be painted in the early blue livery.


 A model of an  industrial Garratt "William Francis" made from  the Avondale kit.The etched valve gear was virtually unusable so it all had to be scratchbuilt. It has two 1220 Mashima motors driving 40:1 gears with split axles  all round. The body etches went together well. Not an easy thing to build or get running properly . Not sure I want to build another one...



GWR Armstrong class locomotive Nr 16 "Brunel". Built from a Scorpio Models kit . Painted and lined by myself. The locomotive has split axle pick up on the tender and is fitted with a Zimo DCC chip and Ron Chaplin gearbox.The various plates and numbers are by Guilplates.A very elegant locomotive.

LNER A1 Pacific 60156 "Great Central" built by myself from a limited edition DJH kit. The superb painting and lining is by the models owner Mr W H Tooke of Plymouth.


Ready for the paintshop is a model of GWR nr 95 one of the old Rhymney Railway engines reboilered by the GWR in the 1930's.  The model has a compensated chassis made from 18thou tinplate. The body is mainly nickel silver and the boiler mountings turned up from brass etc. A small JH motor does the driving and it is  a very quiet and smooth running model. Its job is to pull a train of coal wagons on the garden railway.



 Number 95 now resplendent in its BR livery. A very nice little engine that runs extremely well.



 Here is Nr 95 now weathered by Fred Lewis. An excellent job with which I am absolutely delighted . Roll on summer when it can stretch its "legs" running round the garden.